Charitable Giving

Many of our clients seek to benefit the community as well as their families in their planning. These clients dream of fulfilling their charitable goals, whether those goals are focused on Seattle, the nation, or the world. We help these clients understand their options when it comes to making charitable gifts. We help them think through the timing, the vehicle, and sometimes even the recipient of their philanthropy.

We can also assist donors with more sophisticated charitable giving tools, such as charitable remainder and charitable lead trusts. Of perhaps greatest value, we can help clients understand how their philanthropy fits into their overall financial and life plans.

Finally, we help charitable organizations:

  • reach out to potential planned giving donors and explain choices to them;
  • understand their rights and responsibilities when serving as a fiduciary of a charitable trust;
  • navigate the probate or estate administration process when named as beneficiary under a will or living trust;
  • review correspondence and reports from fiduciaries managing trusts in which the charity is a beneficiary;
  • negotiate gift use agreements;
  • draft policies and procedures around gift acceptance and planned giving;
  • understand the breadth of charitable giving opportunities available to their donors and potential donors with regard to sophisticated charitable gifts.